If you like technology and/or cool stuff in general then you’ll want to add some of these sites to your regular reading list:

Engadget.com + Gizmodo.com – Listed in the same bullet because they are almost the same site.  Top notch content from around the technology world.

Lifehacker.com – Part of the Gizmodo family and focused on tips and tricks to make life easier.  Like TechtoLiveBy but not as focused on technology.

PreCentral.net – The leading site for info about Palm and the WebOS

AndroidandMe.com – The most useful resource for information about the latest and greatest around the Android OS.

WiredMag.com – Because everybody interested in technology with a splash of pop-culture should read Wired.

Joystiq.com – For the gamer in you.

inTELEMATICStoday.com – Focused on automotive telematics (internet in the car – for lack of a more simple explanation) this site may not be for the general consumer, but it has tons of great information about the automotive electronics industry (and I can’t ignore my sister site!).

What are your favorite tech sites to read?


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