3 things from Uncrate.com that I want, but will surely not buy.

Ping Pong Paddles – Brodmann Blades ($100)

These are the craziest table tennis paddles I’ve ever seen.  They remind me more of Klingon weapons then paddles.  I have no idea if they are actually intuitive to pick up and play with or if it’s just awkward.  Either way, I’m curious…

Dog Collar -  Bark4Beer ($15)

Ok, so this one you might spend the money on.  If you’ve got a dog that is always following you around you might as well put it to work!

Soccer Ball – Adidas Jabulani World Cup Match Ball ($150)

Yep, it’s a $150 soccer ball. I still want it.  If you like soccer you should too.

via [uncrate]


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