Drinking and Gaming Just Got Easier

Arkeg Gaming Cabinet and KegaratorI have built a keg fridge (quite easy actually) and I have done extensive research on building an arcade cabinet (more complicated and expensive, but I’ll do it someday), but never did I conceive of combining the two.  Thankfully, the people at Arkeg have done just that.

The video game half of the cabinet is based on a windows XP PC (specs unknown) and 69 pre-loaded ROMs (including Spy Hunter and Paperboy … w00t!) that Arkeg “[has] the legal right to distribute, and that you have the legal right to play.”  Since it’s just a Windows XP system all the MP3s, videos and emulators you can throw at it are supported which means potentially thousands of games and songs (depending on HDD space).

The front end is managed through GameEx, a gaming and HTPC specific front end meant to streamline the user experience (and presumably make things navigable with a gaming joystick and start buttons).  GameEx supports a ton of stuff beyond ROMs that you might not expect…For example, Hulu / Netflix streaming and Karaoke! So, technology-wise, Arkeg has put together a pretty solid little package.

Alcoholism-wise, I shouldn’t complain about the combination of gaming and beer service, but I will anyway.  The kegerator sports all the standard cooling features and stainless steel tap with handle, but the refrigeration area only fits the Cornelius keg form factor.  Apparently this is what microbreweries use, but I’m not wasting that type of top notch beer on drunken adult gamers in the middle of their 4th hour of betting on Pacman (not that I’ve ever seen that happen).  I’d like to see the cabinet upgraded to at least support pony kegs and preferably a half-keg (though I get how that might make the cabinet HUGE), especially given the $4,000 price tag.


So, if you’ve got the space and money and don’t want to take the time to build a kegerator and a gaming cabinet then the Arkeg might just be the thing for you!

via [Wired Gadget Lab]

If the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and an Oompa Loompa Had a Baby

The Selk Bag Sleeping Bag ‘System’ looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and acopy-72992-Lippi-Selk-Bag-One---MEDIUMn Oompa Loompa had a baby while Ali G watched.  Ya, I said it.

This ridiculous looking contraption / sleepwear is a sleeping bag turned body suit meant for I’m not really sure who…presumably people that can’t afford…dignity?


In case this is just the thing you’ve been looking for, rest assured the quality seems high.  The suit seems to be well constructed, with pockets, vents, non-slip feet, and various sizes (up to XL for that 6’6″ NBA player that needs a walking sleeping bag).  The suits are made of many of the same materials as most decent sleeping bags and are even rated to as low as ~10 degrees F.

If you’ve got the perfect use for one of these I’d love to hear it!  Bar crawl anyone?