has put together a quick list of 5 super awesome apps for the Android OS.

These 5 apps are things that most users would benefit from right away… So if you’ve got an Android based phone then you should check this out.

  • Shazam – Identify music just by recording a snippet.  A feature that has existed overseas for many years that has only recently made it to the US.  You’ll never wonder what the name of that song is again.  Now if they only had this for people (oh wait, thats facial recognition).
  • Ringdroid – Lets you use your on device music to create a ringtone.  Includes the ability to clip your music right on the device itself.
  • Key Ring Rewards Cards – For those of you obsessed with club cards.  Just input your club numbers and get generated bar codes for each store you’re a member of.
  • Dolphin Browser – Multitouch browser support and tabbed browsing.  What are you waiting for? This is the browser you should be using.
  • PDANet Free – This is a personal favorite.  I’ve had some version of this app since 3 generations of Palm Treos ago and it’s always been the most useful app around.  Create an internet connection for your laptop anywhere you get 3g service.  Use at your own risk only because I have no idea how your carrier will react (personally I’ve never had a problem).

Clickthrough to the article for more details and links to the apps.

via [makeuseof]