Craig LynchI know sometimes I have issues pulling away from my technology be it Facebook or my cellphone, but I got nuthin’ on this guy.

Craig Lynch escaped from prison in England and has been updating his Facebook status regularly! From meal updates to musings on finding a lady in 2010 Mr. Lynch seems to be enjoying his time on the lam and he seems pretty confident it’s going to continue for a bit.  He’s even RSVP’d some events including a New Years Eve party…Unfathomable!

Obviously the cops are looking for him and they’ve contacted FB for help, but either this guy is a mastermind using FB to throw the cops off the trail or the cops are just not very good at their jobs because they clearly haven’t caught him yet.

Merry Christmas Mr. Lynch! Merry Christmas…

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PS. I just became a fan of this guy on Facebook. Click here to join.