Pebble Bill Murray WatchfaceWearable tech is still in it’s infancy, but it’s definitely already arrived.  Between Google Glass, Pebble, Galaxy Gear and various fitness related pieces there are a real-deal products in the marketplace that you can wear everyday.

I was a Pebble backer on Kickstarter (#nerdcred) and it hasn’t disappointed.  Mobile Syrup does a good side-by-side with the Galaxy Gear and the Pebble comes out on top.

Overall Winner:Pebble. If we had to choose a smartwatch, it would have to be the Pebble if only for its compatibility. But Pebble is our choice because of its reliability in being a watch and a “smart” notification device.

I haven’t gotten to play with the Gear yet, but I can tell you that I don’t really need or want it.  The Pebble fills a gap in  my technology I never knew I had, maybe the Galaxy Gear will turn out to be the same way, but I don’t yet see the need to make calls from my wrist.

I am a watch person.  I’ve got ~10.  Nothing fancy, but I like watches and I have a bunch of them…and they’ve mostly sat untouched since I acquired my Pebble.  Day-to-day nobody ‘needs’ a Pebble, but at this stage I always miss it when I’m not wearing it.  I always liked the concept of the notifications, but the stand out feature for me has been the start/stop/fast-forward management of my music/podcast apps.  I’m the type to always have my headphones in and whether I’m exercising or just at the supermarket not having to make my phone out, go through my screen lock and get to my music app is just perfectly convenient.  For all the watch faces, my Pebble spends the majority of time on the screen with the smallest clock (the Music app).  I even bet it saves some battery life by not having to turn the screen on as often.

The Pebble has grown too…  Now that I’ve gotten back to exercising (sort of) the integration with my phone’s RunKeeper app makes for a nice and easy (if limited) exercise watch.   The latest SDK version adds a whole bunch of features and Pebble just announced new partnerships.  The development of apps like Glance and Pebble Cards have made for much more informative watch faces too.

Overall, it’s also a decent conversation piece.  It elicits it’s fair share of questions on it’s own and then has plenty of features to show off.

At this stage, I don’t have a Galaxy Gear and I didn’t pony up the $1500 for the Google Glass Beta, so my Pebble is all I’ve got and I love it…but it’s definitely just the beginning.