I am a registered TV-holic.  There have been interventions and anonymous meetings.  So, for me, cutting the cable is not a realistic option (though I did consider it to save money), BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t need more access to my favorite shows, movies and sports (content in general).

My personal favorites are a combination of Netflix and torrents (but we’re not talking pirating right now).

I really wanted to write a post about all the ways that you can use the internet to gain access to your favorite video content but Lifehacker has put together such a comprehensive list of sites and methods that I must defer to it’s greatness.

I must give one caveat before I leave you to cut your cable…

You’ll still be paying for content.  Not everything you want will be available online for free.  Most of your sports will require subscriptions.  Most movies will require a purchase.  So don’t think you’re going to get away for free, but if you don’t need much content in your life, or just need a very specific subset, then maybe you are ready to free yourself.

Click through to Lifehacker for the full article on online TV, movies, sports and the accessories you can use to access them.

via [Lifehacker]